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National Archery in Schools Program 

The National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) originated in Kentucky and is geared toward target and 3D archery. There are over 12,200 schools in over 10 countries with over 2.5 million students that participate in this program. In Nova Scotia we currently have 86 schools and 1 university participating in the program and are continuously looking for opportunities to grow this number and introduce more youth to the sport of archery.

In 2019 we have introduced a 50/50 draw to raise funds for student scholarships. We anticipate awarding close to $20,000 in scholarships to NASP students this year during our Provincials which will held on November 16th, 2019 at Ecole secondaire du Sommet in Halifax.

ANS has been training some of its club members for certification in the NASP Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) program allowing them to be able to work within your schools, should you desire any assistance. ANS will also help arrange training for teachers or volunteers that may be interested in instructing your NASP program. If your school board needs additional persons trained, please let us know- our goal is to help where we can.

If you are interested in introducing the NASP program into your school please contact ANS. We will help guide you through what is needed for the program, costs associated, available funding, etc.  

Under the NASP scholarship program, we are pleased to announce O'Regan's as a sponsor - We truly value their support. 

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