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2018 Archery Nova Scotia 3D Championships
Sunday, September 9th, 2018
Glooscap Heritage Archers Association
Windsor, Nova Scotia

All 3-D recognized classes will be in effect, including the Known 50 Class.

Adults $20.00;
Students $15.00; 
12 and under Free

We request all competitors have Archery Canada Insurance and all Archery Canada rules will apply. If you are not insured through Archery Canada, you will pay an extra $5.00 at time of registration or ANS membership will be available on site.

Registration and Equipment Check 8 am.
Opening Ceremony 9:00 am 
Shooting starts around 9:30 am

There will be two rounds of 20 targets;

Lunch will be served between rounds at a cost of $5.00 to $7.00 depending on order.

Due to our club rules, we ask that all pets remain off of the shooting course and from inside the clubhouse when food is being served.

Accommodations in the area are as follows:

Avon River Motel - 902-472-6995 - (1) night stay - $75.00 (2) night’s stay $70.00 2 double beds in each room, no breakfast. Approximately 10 minutes from club - 5 minutes from food amenities.

Downeast Motel - 902-798-8374 - (1) night stay - $85.00 (2) night’s stay $75.00 call direct as online rates cannot be changed. 5 minutes from club; restaurants are in sight of motel.

Super 8 Hotel - 902-792-8888 - Room rate is approximately $140.00 + per night. Continental Breakfast included; 5 minutes from club.


Hants County Exhibition Grounds - 902-798-0000 - Serviced and un-serviced lots. Approximately 5 minutes from club and near food amenities.

Kempt Shore Ocean View Campground - 902 633-2510 - Serviced and un-serviced lots. Approximately 30 minutes from club.

Beech Brook Campground - 902-757-2211 - Serviced and un-serviced lots. Approximately 25 minutes from club.

Smiley’s Provincial Park - 902-757-3131 – Un-serviced lots. Approximately 25 minutes from club

For more information contact:
Scott Bower - President (902) 790-0989 or
Gary Oickle - Vice Pres. (902) 670-3947 or

Check us out on our Glooscap Heritage Archery Association website or Facebook.

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